Heart of the City highway works on Cross Burgess Street

As part of the Heart of the City construction activity, works will begin this month to enable Veolia to connect the Radisson Blu hotel development (located between Pinstone Street and Burgess Street) to the District Heating Network.

This will involve excavation works on Cross Burgess Street to enable the necessary pipework to be laid.

To minimise disruption to the city centre during typical weekday working hours, the Veolia work will be carried out over a series of subsequent weekends, commencing on 13 January 2023.

During these weekends, Cross Burgess Street will be closed to vehicles and due to the existing one-way traffic system, this means Pinstone Street and Cambridge Street will also be closed to vehicles.

Pedestrian access on these streets will be unchanged throughout the works.

The timings of the work/road closures are as follows:


Weekend One

6pm, 13 Jan to 6am, 16 Jan 2023


Weekend Two

6pm, 20 Jan to 6am, 23 Jan 2023


Weekend Three

6pm, 27 Jan to 6am, 30 Jan 2023


Weekend Four

6pm, 03 Feb to 6am, 06 Feb 2023


Weekend Five (contingency weekend – will only occur if work overruns)

6pm, 10 Feb to 6am, 13 Feb 2023


Sheffield City Council would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused by these essential works.

Map indicating the temporary road closures (closed to vehicles only)